State of Kerala is fastly moving towards agriculture mechanization. In near future there will be a huge demand for skilled labourers in the operation and maintenance of agricultural machineries. Identifying the vast opportunities existing in this sector, KAIC is setting up a training centre on farm machineries at Punalur in the premises of Kerala Agro Fruit Products. A well equipped training centre cum workshop with residence for trainees will be set up under the project. This training centre may be equipped with training aids like hand tools, manual operated tools/equipments, old vehicles, CNC machines, Video Projection Systems, Laptops, Computers, smart boards, etc to make it as a training college with training hall, seminar hall, library, hostel, guest room/guest faculty room & dormitory facility which can be accommodate 100 trainees at a time, retiring room, canteen, etc with full equipments & furnishings will be constructed with this training centre. By implementing the project it will definitely reduces the scarcity of trained personnel in the State and idling of the costly machineries due to the unavailability of trained operators and proper repair and maintenance.



Jackfruit is sweet in taste and also contains Vitamin A. Like any other fruit, it is perishable in nature. It is grown in limited parts of India and hence its popularity is limited to the growing regions only. It is heavy and bulky fruit and hence transportation is not very easy and is costly as well. In Kerala, the production of Jackfruit has increased multifold during the past few years. However, ventures on value added products from Jackfruit have not gathered sufficient momentum. Only few units are engaged in unorganized sector manufacturing jack chips and jackfruit preserves. Identifying the opportunities existing in this sector KAIC is setting up a jackfruit processing plant at Mala, Thrissur under the assistance from Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana. Plant is setting up at our own land at Mala. Main production area would occupy around 7000 sq. ft. and office area around 2000 sq. ft. Technology for the production and canning shall be obtained from CFTRI, KAU, NIIST, DFRL etc. The products envisaged in the project are Canned jackfruit, Jackfruit nectar,Jack halwa ,Jack chip, Value added products from jack fruit seed, Jack fruit pericarp, Sweet jackfruit papad, Jackfruit Cake,Jackfruit Sweet Bar, Mango RTS, Pineapple RTS, etc. An effective supply chain mechanism will be established for the prompt availability of the products. A strong dealer network will be formulated with dealers. Products shall have to be sold with the help of retailers at many locations like cities/towns, bus – stands, railway stations etc and through Agro Bazaars.

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